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Unparalleled Industrial Wireless and Application Expertise.

Apprion has deployed and managed more wireless systems in industrial environments than any vendor in the industry.

Enterprise Strategy

apprion-logo-site-fav-blueApprion has worked with companies large and small to develop a strategic roadmap for a reliable, secure and “Future-Proof” wireless infrastructure and applications that address their unique needs. Working directly with your strategic leadership team, Apprion creates a system design and architecture, and actionable deployment plan that encompasses wired and wireless networks and an infrastructure that combines long-term vision while preserving the basic principles of security, performance, and reliability.

Site Planning and Analysis

apprion-logo-site-fav-blueA strategic approach to wireless implementation saves time, money and enables a scalable wireless infrastructure for future applications and systems implementations.  Apprion offers to conduct a wireless site profile and plan to cost-effectively deploy wireless and industrial applications at your plant. Apprion’s Wireless Application Site Plan includes profile and analysis of the plant’s current infrastructure and existing technology, a technical evaluation of the plant’s wireless infrastructure, vendor neutral application evaluation, a full evaluation, design and strategic plan for your facility. At the conclusion of the Wireless Site Plan, you will receive a strategic wireless report mapping out the most efficient and cost-effective path for moving forward with wireless and applications.

Design and Engineering

apprion-logo-site-fav-blueApprion’s Design and Engineering services ensure that all infrastructure design and engineering, and implementation challenges will be addressed efficiently and properly. Apprion’s team of experienced wireless, industry and security experts provide design, implementation and integration of wireless applications; in-depth expertise and experience with multiple RF performance characteristics; engineering and design for performance, security and scalability; best in class services methodologies; wireless application implementation expertise; and experience and proven wireless network implementation.


Managed Services

apprion-logo-site-fav-blueION Managed Services are management services Apprion delivers from its 7x24x365 Network Access Facility that provide a cost effective way to bring wireless networking expertise and experience into your company and align wireless technology with your business objectives. Key ION Managed Services include wireless application management, diagnosis, and troubleshooting; system and policy management and auditing; performance monitoring, reporting and management; security management (identity management, intrusion, spoofing & rogue device detection); and remote monitoring and support.