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Apprion delivers, extends, and manages the Industrial Internet of Things with the only open, intelligent, industrial application platform. 


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Ahead of the curve, Apprion’s focus from the start  has been “Industrial Applications” addressing safety, security, compliance and performance specifically for Industrial Facilities – all integrated in the Industrial Internet of Things.

apprion-icon-ION-blueOpen Network Platform

Universally connecting all applications, data points, in a defined Industrial Cloud – any device, any vendor, all protocols, process, communication technologies and things. Apprion’s vendor agnostic architecture was designed for the open Industrial Internet of Things  approach.


Experts remotely monitor, manage and service all inter-connected devices, regardless of the vendor or type. 7 X 24 X 365 servicing and monitoring of your Industrial Internet of Things and for the most efficient and dependable Industrial Network. 


Industrial rated products. Applications designed specifically for industrial processes. Systems configured seamlessly with the Industrial Cloud and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Open Protocol Support


Apprion’s ION System is a comprehensive industrial wireless application networking system. The ION System provides an open, integrated, secure and scalable system for monitoring, managing, and securing multi-vendor wireless devices and applications.

ION’s current version, ION R4, provides comprehensive integration and cohesive management of facilities’ wireless infrastructures, including multiple industry-leading wireless devices, wireless data from all devices on the network and all wireless applications.


Apprion Hardware



IONizer Connect


IONizer Connect – The Innovative Industrial Wireless Device Connecting Critical Network Data Points At A Breakthrough Price Point.

Apprion’s IONizer Connect provides interfacing and backhauling data from legacy sensors and real-time communication between critical data points in the network. IONizer Connect is a Class I Div 2 industrial rated device with various radio options such as 802.11, WiMAX, and 900MHz for backhaul and can connect to 4-20mA, Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus and other wired sensor connections. As a streamlined device for connecting stranded data points, its unique price point is significantly lower than less suitable industrial gateways and access points.

Apprion IONizers provide an expandable software and hardware platform that goes beyond the standard functionality of network access points and routers. IONizer Connect provides a wireless connection to Apprion’s information management platform, IONosphere, giving seamless network integration for all data and applications in the network. Apprion’s ION System streams real-time intelligence from multiple applications and devices into a common dashboard view for plant operators in industrial process manufacturing industries.

IONizer Connect Enables
  • Substantial value & functionality at a significant price reduction
  • Connection to any wireless client for data acquisition and transmission
  • Easy, seamless installation and integration (wireless and wired)
  • Rugged, industry rated – CID2 infrastructure
  • Connection to stranded data points
IONizer Connect Key Features
  • Sensor interface and backhaul sensor data from legacy 4-20mA or voltage sensors
  • Supports multiple wireless connections: 802.11, 900MHz, and WiMax
  • Industrial CID2 Rated
  • Connects up to 3 loop current sensors and 1 voltage sensor
  • Power in with 12VDC, 24VDC or universal AC
  • Power out to sensors via 12VDC or 24VDC
  • Network integration of all data and applications via IONosphere

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ION Personnel Tag


The Apprion IONite™ Personnel Tag is a small battery powered active Wi-Fi RTLS tag for personnel tracking.

Combined with the ION Location Application Service, the IONite Personnel Tag provides accurate location using a standard 802.11 infrastructure. Its small form factor and light weight make it ideal for personnel to wear on a neck-strap or clipped or strapped to clothing. The tag is intrinsically safe and designed for hazardous environments. The IONite Personnel Tag also contains a passive EPC Gen 2 RFID tag, which can be used for various tracking purposes. A common use is in Access Control Applications. The IONite Personnel Tag can function as a proximity tag which can be used to identify individuals who are authorized to gain access through various entry points or to provide a secondary identification.  The combination of Wi-Fi tag and RFID tag provides very accurate positioning.

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IONizer – Apprion's Industrial Wireless Network Appliance: Flexible, Scalable & Secure.

The first ever industrial wireless network appliance, Apprion IONizers provide an expandable software and hardware platform that goes beyond the standard functionality of network access points and routers.

IONizers Enable
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Greater Scalability
  • Enhanced Security: Authentication, Encryption & Segmentation
  • Rules-Based Policy Enforcement
  • Optimum QoS for Concurrent Applications
IONizer 5000/5200 Key Features
  • IONizer 5000: NEMA 4X rated appliance suitable for indoor or outdoor ordinary location environments
  • IONizer 5200: A true industrial appliance rated for Class I / Division 2; ATEX Zone 2 Category 3 (non-mining) operation
  • A powerful field appliance platform capable of supporting a broad range of network performance and security tools
  • A flexible network configuration management system with templates and revision control, designed to support archiving, trial deployment and rollback
  • Expandable software and hardware platform supporting multi-protocol, multi-vendor wireless systems
  • Wireless network intrusion detection designed to identify wireless attacks as well as rogue access points, backhaul devices, and wireless clients devices
  • Network and protocol agnostic
  • Integrated RF interference monitoring
  • 24VDC, 48V PoE, and AC Power Options
  • Extended Operating Temperature Rating

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ION Asset Tag


The Apprion IONite™ Asset Tag is a small battery powered active Wi-Fi RTLS tag for asset and inventory tracking.

Combined with the ION Location Application Service, the tag provides accurate location using standard 802.11 infrastructures. The IONite Asset Tag attaches to equipment using optional tie-wraps or Velcro. Its small form factor and light weight allow easy mounting on small or uncommonly shaped objects. The dust and splash proof enclosure with rubber sealing allows the tag to be used in Class 1 Division 2 environments.

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IONosphere enables an intelligent wireless infrastructure and centralized management of multi-vendor wireless devices.

Industrial network platform that manages data services, workflow, security, monitoring and maintenance, and 3rd party application integration across wireless plant networks.  IONosphere enables an intelligent wireless infrastructure and centralized management of multi-vendor wireless devices to ensure that wireless applications throughout a process manufacturing plant perform reliably and cost-effectively.  The IONosphere dashboard provides an integrated view of all data essential for wireless network management in a central location.

ION Mustering Tower

Musterig Tower

The Apprion ION Mustering Tower is a stationary access point for real-time personnel check-in within mustering areas during emergencies.

The ION Mustering Tower is the first ever wireless, solar powered mustering tower designed specifically for industrial facilities and the safety of all plant personnel. It uses a visual strobe light for mustering notification during emergencies, ensuring that it will be seen by personnel. Once employees arrive in the mustering area they can automatically check in via a wireless badge scan and the tower’s WiFi reader immediately updates the system that the employee is safe. This automated wireless system and efficient backhaul reader eliminates manual processes and provides real-time mustering and personnel safety location during critical emergency situations. A part of the ION Location Application family, Apprion’s ION Mustering Application provides real-time information and communication about the status of employees and contractors, enabling plants to locate personnel in real-time and providing efficient communication that can save lives and keep facilities’ most valuable asset – their personnel – safe. The ION Mustering Application leverages real-time personnel tracking via Wi-Fi, GPS, or RFID Tags and provides visual confirmation of the safety of every individual within a facility in the integrated ION Dashboard. The addition of the ION Mustering Tower adds one more level of personnel safety.

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