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Our Customer Success Stories.

Here are some examples of our proven safety, security, compliance and performance implementations.


Improve Operational Processes with an Open, Strategic Wireless Infrastructure Approach

In a pro-active effort to improve security and streamline operations, BASF Freeport partnered with Apprion to implement an innovative new approach for perimeter security, condition monitoring and workforce mobility. The project started with Apprion’s team of wireless and industrial experts conducting an on-site survey and plan outlining the network and application projects.

Apprion’s team of wireless and industrial experts conducted the on-site survey and plan, which included comprehensive RF (radio frequency) spectrum analysis, various grid simulation output with signal power levels and a technical evaluation of the site’s existing infrastructure and technology. Using the survey results, Apprion’s team defined a clear strategy and plan for BASF Freeport’s wireless infrastructure implementation and future expansion of the facility’s wireless network and applications. The BASF Freeport management team partnered with Apprion Services to conduct the survey that involved ten days of measurement and data gathering to determine the placement of RF transceivers and network devices that would comprise a facility-wide wireless infrastructure.  A dedicated infrastructure of Apprion IONizer 802.11 industrial Wi-Fi access points were positioned at key locations throughout the plant in anticipation of the future facility-wide wireless infrastructure and applications, including backhaul for gate readers, condition monitoring, remote operator handheld devices, communications and video applications.


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Industrial video monitoring for improved security and regulatory compliance at an industry leading paper mill

WestRock is a leading manufacturer of paperboard and paper-based packaging.  Because of the Stevenson mill’s proximity to the Tennessee River, WestRock was required by the USCG to comply with the Maritime Security 33CFR (MARSEC) regulations. WestRock needed a video security system but wanted to add other applications not required by the government, such as video process monitoring, condition monitoring, and wireless network management. WestRock needed a reliable video solution to avoid the compliance fines and possible security risks – but the solution needed to be implemented in the most cost-effective manner possible.

To meet the project goals and the compliance regulations, WestRock Stevenson teamed up with Apprion. WestRock implemented the ION Video Application which included wireless PTZ cameras, the ION Video Server with a scalable Network Video Recorder for data storage and video stream analysis including: motion detection, camera tamper detection, object detection and face recognition and intelligent video search.  Plus, Apprion Services provides round-the-clock managed services of the ION Video System. 

Results to date include cost savings by meeting compliance regulations and cost savings of 25% by not having to lay cable lines.  Apprion’s 24/7/365 ION Services provide all the network support needed for Stevenson Mill to operate around the clock.  Security is drastically increased with real-time surveillance and remote monitoring.  Plus – the site-wide wireless umbrella enables easy addition of future applications and a fraction of the cost of one off systems.


Industrial Workforce Mobility for Improved Safety & Operations at a Leading Chemical Facility

Huntsman Corporation, a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals, undertook an aggressive program to eliminate injuries, product defects, and environmental releases at their Port Neches facility. Termed “Project Zero”, this program required a completely mobile solution to empower operations and maintenance personnel to capture defects, track work progress and make process and safety related decisions in real-time.

Apprion installed the Apprion ION System throughout the 4 square mile plant and provides the wireless infrastructure and seamless wireless application deployment (applications include video, voice communications, energy efficiency and condition monitoring).  The new wireless mobility solution installed at Huntsman replaced a completely manual process. Instead of using pen, papers and clipboards to record critical field data and then either carrying the paper- work to the central data area or calling in the data via the phone for input – now Huntsman field personnel can automatically execute inspections of non-instrumented equipment (rounds) and confirm equipment conditions with mobile handheld devices and operator round software.

 The results are impressive. With real-time wireless tracking of the rounds activity, the number of pumps requiring daily inspection has been reduced by 50% – allowing more time for other crucial inspection areas. Defect elimination work requests are initiated in the field in real time. The process automatically identifies redundancies, makes work planning more effective and will lead to significant reduction in the average “time to closure” for each request. Real-time monitoring of SOCs have led to significant process improvements and cost savings due to increased uptime and longer equipment lifetime.